Inspect And Detect The Most Affected Areas Of Your Carpet, Rug And Upholstery


With The Help Of Organic Cleaning Products, The Cleaning Process Is Performed By Experts

Touch up

All The Minor And Major Damages Are Successfully Altered To Give A Brand New Look


Your Perfectly Cleaned Carpet, Rug Or Upholstery Is Dispatch To Your Doorstep



Just select the exact cleaning service and specification, as per your need.


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Multiple attractive packages to trap the dirt, dust and allergens of your home


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A true cleaning experience for the happiness of your family


Magical cleaning experience in Miami

Only basic cleaning is not your demand, you need something that totally changes the common look of your carpet. Well, your search end at Miami Carpet Cleaning. We have started a new trend of carpet cleaning service with a novel style. We clean, care, touch up and then, deliver your carpet at your doorstep. Our cleaning as well as other services makes you feel stress-free. Your healthy, clean and excellent home will speak about our professional services. Even, your stainless upholstered furniture also compliments your home decor. Through our service, you can spend some quality time with your family, rather than struggling with your carpet. So, have a tour of our amazing cleaning services..

  • Domenic W.

    Just got back from my spring break vacation in Miami, where me and a couple friends decided to do Airbnb renting instead of a traditional hotel so we could host parties and the like and it's definitely an experience I would recommend. However, what compelled me to write this review was the true professionalism and sense of TRULY valuing the customer, that this company displayed. Our last party in town before we headed back to L.A. was a bit wild and we had a few unfortunate incidents on the carpet. In order for us to get our deposit back we had to get it cleaned and quick. We searched and found this cleaner (through Yelp) and it was truly a God send. We explained the situation and they assured us they would get it done and they did at a cost that was fair and WAY less cheaper than it would have been if our deposit had been kept. Thank you guys and if you're in the Miami area I'd definitely recommend for any carpet cleaning services bar none!
  • Kimi C.

    I have to say that I am very impressed with the service and results I received from Miami Carpet Cleaning. I have property that the tenants left and I wasn't sure if the carpet was even able to be cleaned to the point where a new tenant could move in without having to replace the carpet. Miami Carpet Cleaning did get the carpet looking great without me having to replace it. I was really amazed at what a great job they did. They did such a wonderful job and the cost is very reasonable. I will definitely use them again in the future and would of course recommend others to them. Thank you guys so much!!