Drape & Shade Cleaning

Windows are a significant element of your home and need extra feature to look more stylish and classy. Drape and shades give a chic look to your windows. Simultaneously, it holds maximum dirt and dust of your home. As a result, it affects the overall look of your home room.  Miami Carpet Cleaning understands all your emotions and concern about your home. So, we include a drape and shade cleaning service in our cleaning packages.

Our exclusive service – Drapery and Shade cleaning – is one of our long-lasting specialties because we created the process ourselves! Our expert cleaners are  native citizens of Miami and apprehend your cleaning requisite. They will offer you harmonize and re-installation service, so that your home becomes the most beautiful place of the region. Our vigorous drape cleaning process will abolish all traces of odor, smoke, dust, pollen and stains which can have aggregated after some time. Also, you can anticipate that your drapery will be come back with even sews and parallel creases.

Each and every stain of your beautiful drape is thoroughly inspected by our cleaning experts. Whether your home drape is made of silk fabric or other expensive fabric, we carefully clean it, without damaging its soft fabric. Our cleaning process is not less than a careful procedure. That’s why, we are a prominent cleaning company in Miami.

Thus, drapes and shades can represent a lavish look of a room, and Miami Carpet Cleaning clinch that your drapes look more elite and breathtaking. Therefore, give us a chance and we will provide an outstanding touch to your drapes and shades.